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700 Series Dryer Bearing Assemblies

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The unique Type 700 Series Bearing Assembly was designed to provide a robust alternative to full diameter bearings where an open top half bearing is appropriate. The "block" type half bearing cartridge of the 700 Series Assemblies provides for quick replacement without hand tools or concern for losing loose hairpin cotters or bearing retainers. All of the components of the 700 Series remain attached to the frame during bearing replacement.

The extra thick cross section of the 700 Series bearing provides longer wear life. Nearly ½" of bearing wear can take place without any harm to the shaft journal. The Type 700-1 Bearing Assembly features the same self-aligning advantages as our other full diameter bearing assemblies.

Special Features:
  • Supplied in all Metcar® bearing grades
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • Replacement bearings can be installed quickly with minimum shaft lifting
  • Thick half block bearings allow for more wear and more time between bearing changes
  • Faces can be used for light thrust loading
  • Self aligning assembly (compensation for shaft deflection and misalignment)
  • Standard bore size 1-1/4", standard length 1-9/16" other lengths available
  • Cost effective, compact design

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Item #




Bearing Cartridge Length

Standard Bore Size

700-1 3.625 " 4.5 " 1-1/2 " 1-1/2 " 1-1/4 "
700-3 3-1/4 " 4.25 " 1.85 " 1-1/2 " 1-1/4 "
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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