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100-Hinge/Split Series Dryer Bearing Assemblies

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Hinged Hanger Frames make conversion to all 100 series bearing cartridges a snap. The unique design of these frames makes them the easiest to install in the industry. By allowing the frame to open then close around the shaft, no other components of the dryer need be removed or altered.

Remove the old hanger by unbolting or cutting, slip the correct hinged hanger around the shaft, close it, bolt it in place, and install the bearing cartridge. If a 100-HS split cartridge is utilized, removal of additional shaft mounted components is unnecessary. The 100-HF series hinged hanger frames use Metcar's standard S-100 Clip lock to retain the cartridge, eliminating the need to use frames with spring retainers or "open" tops.

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Standard Bore Size

100-HF Saddle-Mounted Hanger Assembly 3-1/4 " 5 " 1-9/16 " 1-7/16 "
104-HF Vertical-Mounted Hanger Assembly 3-1/4 " 5-3/32 " 1-9/16 " 1-7/16 "
104-B-HF Vertical-Mounted Hanger Assembly 3-1/4 " 4-3/32 " 1-9/16 " 1-7/16 "
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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