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Custom Bearings for Running in Submerged Applications

Carbon-graphite bearings are used for running submerged in low viscosity liquids like water, gasoline, hot oil, solvents, strong chemicals, molten metals, and liquefied gases. Metallic bearings are often not satisfactory for these applications because the hydrodynamic film provided by these low viscosity liquids is not thick enough to overcome the strong atomic attraction between metal bearings and the metal shaft. Since there is no strong atomic attraction between carbon-graphite and a metal shaft, the thin hydrodynamic film provided by low viscosity liquids provides sufficient lubrication for carbon-graphite bearings.

Carbon-graphite is also a “self polishing”, dimensionally stable material. If the shaft is polished to a fine surface finish, the shaft will polish the carbon-graphite material to the same fine, polished finish. When both the shaft and the bearing have this fine polished surface finish, a thin hydrodynamic film is sufficient to provide lubrication.

Plastic or polymer bearing materials often fail in these submerged applications because of their tendencies to swell, soften or deteriorate.

Metcar materials can handle all common chemicals except for a few extremely strong oxidizing agents such as hot, concentrated nitric acid.

Design help is available to recommend:
  1. The optimum Metcar Grade for customer applications
  2. Correct bearing size (length, wall thickness and tolerances)
  3. Proper press fit (interference and running clearance)
  4. The best chemical compatibility
  5. Optimal shaft materials and surface finish
Metcar bearings for running submerged can be provided to customer print or customer approved dimensions and tolerances. Metcar bearings are also available shrink fitted into metal housings, or metal retaining rings.



Over 150 grades of our proprietary carbon/graphite METCAR material are available. Our engineers will work with you to select the optimum grade.

Temperature Rating

-400 to 2000 ºF

Pressure Rating

Up to 1000 psi


Automotive fuel pumps
Automotive water pumps

Canned motor pumps

Centrifugal pump bearings and case wear rings

Chemical Pumps

Fuel pumps

Gear pumps

Heat transfer oil pumps

Hot water circulating pumps

Liquid nitrogen pumps

Liquid oxygen pumps



Molten solder pumps

Nuclear condensate recovery pumps

Rotary vane pumps

Soft drink pumps

Submerged conveyors

Submersible pump radial and thrust bearings

Textile bleaching machines

Textile washing machines

Liquids Handled


Anhydrous ammonia



Boiler feed water

Dry Cleaning Fluids




Fuel oil


Heat transfer oils

Hydraulic oil


Jet Fuel



Liquid air, carbon dioxide, argon, and ethane

Liquid chlorine

Liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen


Molten Metals

Molten sulfur

Plating Solutions

Potable water


Sea water


Tanning Liquors


QA/QC Practices

All raw material physically tested prior to machining
DCC/CMM dimensional measurement/verification

Optical measurements


All gaging and measurement equipment is calibrated and fully traceable to NIST Standards


Metcar Physical Properties
(PDF, 447KB)

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