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Custom Vanes, Rotors & End Plates for Rotary Pumps

Carbon-graphite materials are used extensively for vanes, rotors, and end plates in rotary vane pumps pumping both liquids and gases. Carbon graphite vanes can withstand the rubbing of the vane tip against the housing bore and the rubbing of the side of the vane against the slots in the rotor. Carbon graphite rotors are light in weight to save energy and can also withstand the rubbing of the vane against the end plates. Carbon graphite end plates are pressure tight and dimensionally stable so that they can make a close clearance seal with the rotor and vanes. They must also withstand the rubbing of both the vanes and rotor. All three components provide superior lubrication in most environments.

Carbon-graphite vanes, rotors and end plates are used for pumping liquids with poor lubrication properties (low viscosity) such as water, gasoline and beverages. They are also used for pumping strong chemicals that attack metals.

Carbon-graphite vanes, rotors and end plates are also used to pump gases such as air, vacuum, combustion products and gasoline vapors.

Metallized Carbon Corporation supplies carbon-graphite vanes, rotor, and end plates to rotary pump and compressor manufacture and rebuilders. The vanes, rotors and end plates can be supplied to customer prints and specifications.

Metallized Carbon Corporation’s technical department is available to provide information regarding optimum carbon-graphite materials for specific applications.


Advantages of Metcar Material

Chemically resistant
Compatibility with foods & beverages (FDA)

Dimensionally stability

High strength to weight ratio

Impermeability (pressure tight)

Light weight (low centrifugal force)

Low wear rate running in gas atmospheres

Low wear rate running in low viscosity liquids


Over 150 grades of our proprietary carbon/graphite METCAR material are available. Our engineers will select the optimum grade based on application, environment, shaft/housing materials, RPM, etc.

Dry Running Applications

Auto anti smog pumps
Chemical Pumps

Gasoline vapor pick up pumps

Oil free air pumps

Paint spray pumps

Pumps for automobile locking devices

Rotary Compressors for fresh air (breathable air)

Vacuum Pumps for aircraft gyroscopes

Vacuum Pumps for milking machines

In-Liquid Applications

Beverage pumps (vending machine)
Fuel pumps

Liquid chemical pumps

Medical liquid pumps

Metering pumps or volumeters

QA/QC Practices

All raw material physically tested prior to machining
DCC/CMM dimensional measurement/verification

Optical measurements


All gaging and measurement equipment is calibrated and fully traceable to NIST Standards
FDA Compliances (when applicable)



·  Aircraft Rotors

·  End Plates

·  Pump End Plates

·  Typical Vanes


Metcar Physical Properties
(PDF, 447KB)

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