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Carbon Graphite Machineable Blanks

Metallized Carbon Corporation offers machinable, resin impregnated, carbon-graphite blanks for companies that need to machine mechanical seal primary rings, radial bearings, thrust bearing, case wear rings, vanes for pumps and other mechanical parts on an emergency basis.

Standard cylinders and blocks are available in Metcar Grades M-400 and M-106 (resin impregnated and carbon-graphite).

Grades M-161 (babbitt impregnated), M-201 (copper impregnated), M-272 (bronze impregnated), M-343 (antimony impregnated) and M-310 (nickel chrome impregnated).

The machinable, resin impregnated blanks are made from fine-grained, high strength, carbon-graphite that is fully impregnated with chemically resistant, thermal setting resin. The material has excellent lubricating qualities when running in low viscosity liquids in the temperature range from -400 to +500 degrees F. The blanks are readily machinable with conventional tungsten carbide or diamond tools. Mechanical seal rings, bearings, and vanes machined from these blanks are impervious to high-pressure liquids. The material is dimensionally stable so that mechanical seal ring faces can be polished to one Helium light band flatness, and the flatness is retained indefinitely. The material is chemically resistant to almost all liquids except extremely strong, oxidizing acids and alkalis.

Standard Rod Sizes

Forty-nine standard cylinder sizes are available to cover mechanical seal rings and bearing sizes. We also supply rods of carbon-graphite impregnated with babbitt, copper, bronze, antimony, nickel chrome & resin. The rod diameters range from 1/2" to 6.0". The two lengths available are 6" and 12". Larger sizes are available upon request.

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Carbon-graphite impregnated with resin, babbitt, bronze, copper, antimony or nickel chrome (Customized for application)
Metcar Grade M-106 for high load, high speed applications (HS Series Blanks)

Metcar Grade M-400 for general duty applications (CS Series Blanks)

Temperature Rating

-400 to 500 ºF

Standard Cylinder Sizes

Outside Diameter

Up to 10-15/16 "


3-1/8 "

Standard Block Sizes


4-5/8 "


8 "


1-1/2 "

Standard Sizes


1 to 6 (Standard)
Up to 10-1/2 (Custom)


6 "


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·  Metcar Machinable Plate

·  Metcar Machinable Cylinder


Metcar Physical Properties
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