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Customize a 300 Series Dryer Bearing Assembly

Type 300-C Series Bearing Assemblies were specially developed as an improved design for bearing assemblies used in gypsum wallboard and plywood dryers. The Type 300-C Series Bearing Assemblies allowed the installation of a split type bearing cartridge on the drive side of many conveyor ovens. Once installed on a typical board dryer, bearings could be replaced or rotated without dismantling the surrounding members such as sprockets, drive chain, bearing mounts, rolls, etc. The entire change takes just a few minutes. Reduced down time, NO tools, REDUCED labor costs! Solid bearing cartridges are also available to maintain design consistency throughout an installation.

Other uses for these patented bearing assemblies include plating equipment, textile finishing equipment, both drying and dying, hot and submerged conveyors and other industrial process equipment where a self-lubricating quick change bearing assembly is required.

Special Features:
  • Supplied in all Metcar® bearing grades
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • Self-aligning (compensation for shaft deflection and misalignment)
  • No tools required for bearing replacement
  • Bearings can be rotated 180° for increased life
  • Operates dry or submerged
  • Compact-inexpensive
  • Bore Sizes available up to 1 7/16
  • Standard bore sizes are 1 ¼ and 30mm
How To Order

When ordering a Type 300 Series Bearing Assembly, the following information is needed to determine the correct assembly for your application:
  1. Choose a hanger frame suitable for your application. All 300 Series frames are symetrical, therefore shaft rotation does not need to be specified when ordering.
  2. Choose a bearing cartridge - keep in mind that the 300 series bearing cartridges will only fit in the 300 Series Hanger Frames. Solid bearing cartridges of the same design are less expensive than the split cartridges.
  3. Choose a grade - if you do not know the applicable grade, a grade can be determined based on the maximum temperature and other operating conditions of the application.
  4. Specify the bore size or shaft size required for the application.
  5. A 300-EZ Clip Spring is necessary for each assembly to hold the bearing cartridge in place. The EZ Spring provides easy one hand operation for bearing access.

    Click Here to Customize a 300 Series Dryer Bearing Assembly

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